Jun 25 • 4M

Morning Musings

Allow Me My Rage

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"Morning Musings" is an informal and spontaneous podcast I share about political and social issues, delights, sorrows, the state of our world, and yours, exploring together, these issues and how they relate to today, yesterday, and tomorrow. The podcast may contain text or art or both.

Good morning, Friends. And welcome to the latest podcast of Morning Musings. I am Lee Anne Morgan, and this is Saturday, June 25th, 2022. I would like to tell you about the pastoral setting where I'm sitting and talk about the tea that I love to drink, but I'll stop with that musing. There are critical societal matters to which I must give attention, sadly, on this day. The text for this podcast is below for those who would prefer to read it. And I've also included, as always, a visual. The image does not reflect the subject matter for it is about beauty. We need reminders that there is beauty in our world, which helps ground us in these shadowy times.

A World Within A World © 2022 Lee Anne Morgan

In 2016, my older brother said: Lee, if Trump is elected president, he will march our country backward 50 years. Brad died while Trump was in office. My brother would be called a RINO by today's political standards. We often argued about politics, for I am a progressive democrat. However, we spoke continually during the last six months of his life and came to understand and respect our differences. He would be outraged at what is happening in our country and appalled at the Supreme Court's overturn of constitutional law for half a century and the patriarchal reactionary minority who forged this travesty for which women and girls will die.

We knew the SCOTUS would overturn Roe v. Wade. Still, the shock is not unlike knowing someone is dying. We sit by their bedside, watching them slip away, and we believe we are prepared for the inevitable. Yet, when that last moment arrives, it's a trauma to our hearts, minds, and sensibilities­­. And that's how many of us felt yesterday when the Court's final ruling came down.

So many women and young girls today, our collective daughters and granddaughters, are at risk. But there was another blow yesterday, and it was one of death: The Supreme Court itself and its legitimacy. I quote Jennifer Rubin from her column in WaPoThe Supreme Court eviscerates abortion rights and its own legitimacy. Per Rubin,

The hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty of the Court's right-wing justices lead to the conclusion that they have simply appointed themselves super-legislators free to impose a view of the United States as a White, Christian and male-dominated society despite the values, beliefs and choices of a majority of 330 million modern Americans. The Court's decision may result in women's deaths. But it has certainly killed off what is left of the Court's credibility. And for that, there is no solution in sight.

I certainly don't have a solution other than to say that this is a moment in time and one in which it has never been more important to vote. Time has a way of settling "bad deeds" and righting wrongs: Exercising our right to vote is a vital part of the solution. Tomorrow I will recover and work with others for all women and our collective daughters and granddaughters.

Allow me my rage for today. Thank you.

A Coda: See Bonnie Anderson’s Blog for AG Merrick Garland’s press release.